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Akaltye-le anthetyeke awetye-ke


Kwene-akerle atnanpintyeme describes a kind of downwards motion in Eastern Arrernte, the traditional language of Mparntwe in the central desert.

It is the name of a prototype for a voice-activated computer game, designed and made in p5 and ml5 by a group of 16 year-old students at Arrernte class at Centralian Senior School in Mparntwe as part of our 2021 Processing Foundation Fellowship. 

In it, atnengkwe (emoji animals) fall from the sky. To save them, you must say and pronounce their names correctly by the time they reach the ground. It’s a fun way to learn their names and practice your Arrernte. 

I ran the workshops and worked with the students to create the game design.

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